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 Normal Nursing Feeds  Larval Feeds / Vitamin-enriched Feeds ]
Feeds production is making efforts day and night to provide the customers with an excellent quality with a motto of "Contribution to the customers' development and the evolution of the society by offering the high additional value commodity."
image of feeds for penaeid prawn

 Normal Nursing Feeds (5 types)
This high-quality feed was introduced to the prawn cultivation aquaculture industry in 1994 in response to the request for a "feed which ensures fast growth even if the price is expensive."
Often used only during the larval stage and the final growth enhancement phase, GP has been well received as unrivaled in ensuring high growth.
Positioned between Gold Prawn and Vital Prawn in terms of quality, EP was developed as a result of a special request for a "feed a little higher in price than Vital Prawn and ensuring good growth".
First introduced to the market over 20 years ago, VP has the longest track record of ensuring stable good growth. VP is most widely used among all the feed products of our company.
Positioned between Vital Prawn and Ebi Star in terms of price and quality, MP was developed to respond to our customers' concern about the performance of Ebi Star which contains a lower percentage of squid meal.
Introduced to the prawn cultivation market in 1992 in response to the request for a "relatively inexpensive feed to use during lower water temperature periods in winter when high growth cannot be expected and during rearing periods when high growth is not required," ES is often used in
combination with Vital Prawn.

Standard Feeding program for Penaeid Prawn

Standard Feeding program for Penaeid Prawn
period(days) GP EP VP MAX ES
9/11 1.34 1.34 1.34 1.34 1.34 25.65
9/25 3.41 3.17 3.04 2.85 2.71 23.40
10/9 6.41 6.41 5.79 5.45 4.86 21.95
10/23 10.36 9.21 9.34 8.07 7.26 20.99
11/6 14.28 12.53 12.28 10.98 9.16 19.80
11/20 17.62 15.91 14.72 13.26 11.26 19.40
12/4 20.78 17.99 17.00 15.88 13.64 17.50

*** The 'water temperature' is a mean score of the ***
highest and the lowest of the inspection day. ***
 feeds for penaeid prawn

Standard Feeding program for Penaeid Prawn
EP xcel rawn
GP old rawn
ES bi tar
MP ax rawn
temprature temperature(℃)

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