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feeds for penaeid prawn

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Hirame(Japanese Flounder)

Features of "Hirame" feed for Hirame(Japanese Flounder)・S size for larval

 "Hirame EP"
To help the initial feeding of flounder/sole larvae, this product contains high quality, easy-to-digest and nutritious fish meal as the main ingredient, mixed with krill meal, liver powder and other ingredients. It is excellent feed both in feeding and growth effects.

The product contains various vitamins (Vitamin C and Vitamin E, in particular) and various minerals to help larvae maintain good health.

Growth example of hirame using "Hirame EP"

Growth example of hirame using "Hirame EP"
Feeding period(months)

Average body weight(g)


2 6.40 15.20
3 17.00 17.00
4 36.00 17.70
5 59.00 18.80
6 94.00 21.50
7 156.00 23.50
8 231.00 27.20
9 330.00 24.50
10 452.00 22.70
11 550.00 20.80
12 686.00 18.00
1 733.00 17.30
2 835.00 14.90
3 926.00 17.50
Growth example of hirame using "Hirame EP"
temprature(g) temperature()
average body weight(g) average body weight(g)

Features of "Hirame" feed for Hirame(Japanese Flounder)・P size for nursing
1 This larval feed-based product contains in well balanced ratios various nutrients needed for the growth during the nursing period. High in protein and low in calories (CP ratio: about 65), the product is excellent feed in growth effects.
2 The product contains a liver-strengthening ingredient and is enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help fish maintain good health.

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