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Import Products

We supply the required raw materials to the local manufacture in our region at low price.
Meanwhile once we receive new inquiry or offer from overseas in various fields, from food to machine industry, we will look for the potential client and introduce their goods to them.

Feed Raw materials

- Shrimp shell meal
Squid piece
Krill meal
- Chorine Choloride
- Monocalcium Phosphate
- Dried Garlic flakes

Raw material for Incense
Raw material in Powder for Joss stick.
(Wood charcoal powder, Wood powder, Wood bark powder etc.)

Food Raw Materials

- Brown Sugar
- Corn Flour

Chemicals and Organic Fertilizers

Auto & Bicycles & others
- Bicycles (City, MTB, Folding bike, Unicicle, etc.)
- Car/Bicycle equipment
(Air pomp, Jack, cleaner, polisher, floor mat, cussion, etc.)

Construction materials (Stone, Floor tile, Pebble, Brick, Bark, Lumber, etc.)

For future correspondence or any other queries, please contact us by e-mail.

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